Welcome to av Ramithi Balinese cats

Welcome to av Ramithi (N) Balinese breed.
We hope that you will have a nice trip among our cats and the other animals that we have had.

We got our first Balinese in 1997, and we have been breeder since 1998. Our name is 'av Ramithi (N)' and we made our name from the first names of everyone in the house, - both animals and people. We live in Langevåg not far from Ålesund. Here the cats can go outside if they want to, because the area is open and peacefull. If they want they can stay out the whole day. Some of the animals that gave their letters to our breeder name has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but since their letters are still in our breeder name, they're always with us.

With kind greetings from Randi Rissmann and Harry Holen

av Ramithi (N) Balinese breed

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For Sale

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Buying a kitten from me

Buying a kitten from me

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