Before buying a kitten

Some info you need to read before you buy a kitten from me!


Our kittens grow up as family members.

Kittens leave home between 12-16 weeks of age or when they are old enough. They will be vaccinated 2 tmes at the last one at 12 weeks old and will have to stay at home for a few days afterwards. If they need a rabies vaccine or anything else, they will have to stay even longer.

Kittens are registered in NRR and will have their NRR pedigree with them when they leave, unless I’ve not yet received it, – in which case I will send it later.

Kittens are sold with a NRR veterinary attest

  • AVAILABLE – Kitten is currently available for sale.
  • OPTION – Someone has shown an interest in the kitten.
  • RESERVED – Kitten is reserved and the deposit has been paid.
  • SOLD – Kitten has found a new loving home.
  • STAYS – Kitten stays with us.

I require a deposit of 3000 NOK.

The money must have entered my bank account before I set the kitten as RESERVED.

The remaining cost of the kitten must be paid when the new owner comes to pick the kitten up, or transferred beforehand. If I have to send the kitten, it will not be sent until the money has entered my bank account.

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